One way trip to Oblivion

Combat Log: The Pyramid of Fire, Darella, and Kane

Pyronin's Combat Logs

My city was finally saved from the bandits. I didn’t realize that Bandit Lord Jafar could summon a primordial Hydra. We beat him though and saved the city. All thanks to the bombs and extra troops that Mark and Dr. Atlanta gathered. I also made a chaos charge which wiped out a large portion of the army. They all preformed very well and I am happy that they helped me save my city I am forever in their debt. We managed to get to the pyramid of fire and we found a skull lord had infiltrated the pyramid but he wasn’t the true enemy. We had to face a sunsearer. They are balls of light that would destroy everything in their path. It was a guardian as well as the large number of fire archons and helmed horror guards. The Chaos Sceptre was also found and we decided to give it to the Doc. from what I know it makes all his powers that deal radient damage also aquire the fire archtype. it is very similar to a flaming weapon only it is more powerful than my own weapon. We managed to find the temples true guardian a pheonix. This pheonix let us examine the scriptures and for some odd reason the Doc fell unconcious. He woke up completely terrified in his wierd docish way and he told us to head to the deva council and he said he saw something though he won’t tell me what. Somthing tells me the doc saw something that relates to me…


Kane doesn’t talk much, when we found him he was stuck in a black pudding and we had to fish him out we beat the thing with the help of our other new companion Darella. Kane prefers to fight rather than talk and even though he is skilled and smart in combat he can be a little rash and sometimes that could get him into trouble. His acrobatic abilities are unmatched and he has an overall good combat ability.

Combat Grade: B+


Where do I start I will saw for one thing that this eladrin women is incredibly powerful. She not only has the ability to confuse and blind her opponents but she has many other baffling abilities as well she is also more intelligent than the rest of the group and can be very serious about things a trait I do like in a warrior. I often feel a rush when I fight next to her. Like mark I would fight next to her any day. Speaking of Mark I am getting the feeling that she hates Lahora and has feelings for Mark. I will keep this juicy tidbit to myself for now

Combat Grade: A



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