Tag: Bloody Gargoyle


  • Captain Wahlk Sout

    Was never really an infamous pirate. He led a rag-tag group that did a bit of pillaging but mostly just sailed around drinking. One crew member crashed into a port town (don't drink and sail, kids) and the current crew of four are the only ones that …

  • Newt Wendle

    Was always the voice of reason for the Bloody Gargoyles, and consequentially always the most ignored member of the crew. He has the authority of being first mate but rarely exercises it. The only reason he's first mate is he won a drinking contest.

  • Irz Byon

    The only Bloody Gargoyle qualified to drive a ship, unfortunately. He is rarely ever sober and has crashed two boats already. Is the reason the current bloody Gargoyle crew is so small.

  • Draw Elmak

    Was one of the best navigators of an eladrin naval academy, but was disgraced for his drinking habit. Joined the gargoyles to pursue his dreams without the ethics code. Although one of the finest eladrin drinkers out there, is often berated by the crew …