One way trip to Oblivion

Until the wiki was started...

Since everyone in the group gets a chance to DM, everyone has mostly been running Pre-made DDI adventures to get used to DMing: -Den of the Slave takers -The Tainted Spiral -a custom adventure where the group was completing a mark on Gren’s list, retrieving the eye of W’nag -a custom where the group took down the leader of a group of raiders, a young Blue dragon -Storm Tower

Who are these people? (By Ombre)
This group of adventurers obviously doesn't know what the heck they are doing...

Alright… met up with some adventurers today… apparently they were looking for something called the eye of Wa’nang… instead of wisely sneaking in to get it, they burst in, swords drawn, and I was pulled in with them…then, when I’ve got a chance to actually gather some information, the Dragonborn ruins it all… THIS is why I work solo!

… Even so… Theres something about that Rogue… HE seems so… Familiar…

Damn It All... (By Ombre)
This is what happens when you get help from a bunch of men...

For some reason, the Raven queen has decided to play a fast one on me… When we were exploring the storm tower, I happened to fall on the Druid that’s been traveling with us… Gren Ule I believe… Either way, when I landed, My chest was pressed right up against his mask… I was Embarassed, he was embarrassed (I think…) And now I’m stuck with a group of guys, most of whom are now hitting on me… The Deva even had the nerve to try and proposition me! I swear… I’m sleeping with my spear under my pillow from now on…

Tick... Tock... (By Mark Lox)
Mark's Journal

Judging from my pocket watch it’s about midnight, and speaking of watches… It’s my shift. Well the good news is it’ll be Zues’ watch in an hour or so… Glad it won’t be the Dragonborn’s. The idiot would sleep the entire time… Damn, there goes the last of my whiskey. Hope this job doesn’t take to long. I’d like to spend a night in a bed, in a tavern again. And possibly in company of some fair maidens, Heh heh… Not that I can’t complain about being out here. I’ve gotten a hell of a laugh by just watching these guys mess around. Kinda feel sorry for the girl though… But then again not so much. She kicked the Doc’s ass when he tried to get in her tent. Now that was funny… Well better get back to my watch.

Note to self- make sure to give Rags back the 50 gold I borrowed

Gren's Letters Home (Part 1)
On the Eye of W'nang, My Army, Storm Tower

Don’t know how to send this. See others writing and don’t want to seem dumb. Two things off list. Snipe Weed and Eye got. Many more to go, but will work quickly. Heard somewhere pack of frogs called an army. My army is growing. Stone man helps me with healing. Prays to Dragon Spirit. Says fought in battles when young. Don’t talk to him often. Dragon boy is foolish. Thinks with his sword, not his head. Had to wake him up too many times. Lucky me and Stone man here. A Holy One is in the group. Very smart just like ones that are talked about in stories. Says the one he prays to is dead. Must be difficult, to know the one that watches over you is dead. Slippery Tongue is funny, but needs to get his Soul-Reach done soon. He seems unsure who his mate should be. Met new one. Slips through air and good with sword. Hope he stays. I do not wish to talk about Shadow Girl. Helped dwarves. Searching tower. Learning about letters.


Wake up call, RP 1

The Sun is up and it’s time to continue… Maybe… Let’s see what the group does before they head out early in the morning.

Fallcrest RP2

The adventure is finished, the Yellow Skulls have been cleared out, and Stormtower has been looted. Now the party can rest in Fallcrest. The fighter and the assassin were knocked unconscious and teleported out of the tower by Jeras, sacrificing several of his own men in order to do so, in a mis-cast spell, caused by his wounds and Zeus’s sheild guardian Distracting him. Regardless, the remaining members took them back to Fallcrest so that they could recover. The RP begins in Fallcrest and it’s an hour or two before sunset. A party is being set up at the Nentir Inn, for during the night, to celebrate the group’s success.

In need of sleep. (By Mark Lox)
Mark's Journal

Finaly got out of that damn Stormtower. When I got back to my room at the tavern I passed out, I’m suprised I even made it to the bed. Those of us that were still awake had to carry Ombre and Rags back to town. Didn’t get any help from the dwarves. when we got back to the camp they had all left, damn them… It was kinda wierd trying to get everyone into the tavern. The sword mage walked off and left us to deal with getting the other two to their rooms ourselves. Amphibious is kinda week so he wasn’t able to help and we didn’t trust the Doc around Ombre so he helped Zues with Rags instead, and I wouldn’t have been able to help with him, that’s for certain, Rags is small, but he weighs a ton. Much to my suprise, I had to carry Ombre back to her room. I don’t plan to mention this anytime soon, because I’m pretty sure she’ll kick my ass, that’s another reason why I didn’t try anything. I just set her on the bed, shut the door and left… Anyway it’s been a hell of a day… I think I’ll sleep again.

Mission Log # 1534 (Ombre)
Final Report: Jeras Faulk

Target: Jeras Faulk

Occupation: Leader of the Yellow Skull bandits of the Storm Tower expedition

Status: Terminated

Mission notes: Target commanded undead soldiers, along with some that held the ability to see the invisible. Conditions around storm tower were unpleasant, if not impossible. Was uninformed of any such impedements, along with the prescence of Undead. Unsure of reasons behind lack of information. Received help once again from the adventurers… Planning to requst missions that co-inside with theirs. Returning members: Doctor Atlanta (a Deva who commands bolts of holy light), Mark Lox (A sly theif who has a strangely… Regal bearing), Gren Ule (A… Eclectic Shaman), Zeus (A Goliath who works as the group’s healer), and Rags (Real name Unknown, but is a diminuative, and annoying Dragonborn. More useful dead, or asleep then otherwise)

Undead, among other things... By Ombre
Another mission completed, another reason to kill that dratted dragonborn.

Found myself out of the tower and in the inn after a good knock on the head by one of those zombies… Gods I hope I never have to fight them like that again. I hate the damned things. It just pisses me off even more that not only did the dragonborn mess up all my tactics, but the Cleric decided it would be a good idea to run out before the rest of us were ready. So I ended up stuck in an IRON MAIDEN being stabbed by spikes while everyone else pryed the lid open. Then it ended up that we fought off several waves of undead, leaving me knocked out and half dead. Wish I knew who it was who brought me here, I’de like to thank them.


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