One way trip to Oblivion

Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflections (Sequence #4): Agallotro Krathatose
Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflections

Such transpiring events have been taking place as of recent. I transformed into my dark counterpart, Agallotro Krathatose, that I’m constantly supressing, not allowing him control of my will and reintroduce his former body over mine. Though this time, he has succeeded in beating my for control. He has ravaged many of those living in the Underdark and has slaughtered our mark, a dark creeper by the name of Dar’shhkk that had been creating undead hands as minions. In addition to his massacre, he had tamed a rust monster using his enchanted reins, having it eat blood and turning it into a black, lightning-spewing monstrosity of a rust monster. All seemed to be going foul but not out of control, though I watched in fear as he turned toward my allies in a maniacal stare, letting out a blood-curdling roar in eagerness to spill their blood. Thank Amoth that Krathatose’s former leader and “father”, Scarshoth, had subdued him before going on an even more destructive tirade. At least when we all arrived at the Nine, they managed to return the rust monster back to a more relaxed state, though were unable to reduce it’s shocking potential entirely, lessening it to little more than a spark. After some slight torture, Agallotro and Incrime waded into combat against each other, allowing Pyronin and I to allow them to weaken each other into a state in which we are able to keep them under control. Though I have begun to worry even more, as I began watch as Krathatose was being empowered by the other rare foe we normally fight against. This new force dissolved his face, leaving a dark skull underneath, and fizziling his right arm to little more than necrotic bone. As he was being infused by this power, he was being healed by evil energies and I felt myself drifting further away, almost as if I had begun to fade into the ether, though was able to retain my existence. As he struck Incrime, who proceeded to block the death-filled blow from his necrotic right claw, he transfered some of the shadow-filled energy into Incrime’s being, which began to eat away at his icy hide. Luckily, Incrime was able to end the battle into a draw by knocking both himself and Agallotro out, allowing Pyronin and I to resume control over our minds and bodies. I just hope that “dark denizen” from the deepest parts of both Agallotro’s and my mind’s recesses doesn’t show again, lest my friends be overwhelmed and I disappear into a never-ending labyrinth of nothingness…

Combat Log: Incrime

Damn it all! Why did this have to happen, I have just realized the demon that dwells within my being. This monster is my polar opposite. He is of Ice. His powers are not normal though, they seem to be augmented with overwhelmingly dark energy. This being’s name I soon have come to figure out is Incrime. The event from the last quest seem to have triggered his materialization. As I slipped further into depression and rage, he grew in power; feeding upon the negative energy of my mind. During combat, I notice sometimes I will black out and when I come to, my hands will be stained with blood. As of late I have had a strange craving for bloodlust, this also explains why I almost killed rags. Incrime is nearly impossible to control. His power is far greater than mine. When I wake I remember nothing of what goes on in battle. The only thing I feel is bloodlust and power, it… it… it feels like nothing I have ever felt. I am in fear of his power. I guess this is what the doc meant by the cold of chaos, which means i’m going to have to protect everyone not only from outside threats but from Incrime as well. Incrime is ruthless and will kill anyone in his path. I went to the Deva Council and told them about everything and they told me about Incrime. Knowing what I must do, I proceeded to give Krathedos the battle of his life; against Incrime, though I had to hold Incrime back, who knows what would have happended had I let him out fully. Even with Incrime dealing with my power as well, he managed to draw against Krathedos, albiet knocking me unconcious along with him. This isn’t the full extent of his power though, there is more, He was holding back, like he tried to get as much fun out of battling Krathedos as possible. If I hadn’t held back his power though who knows what would have happened… Many strange abilities have been comming about ever since his appearance one of which is my fluency in Abyssal! This leads me to believe that he was created when I was dragged into the abyss… I vaguely remember though that he wanted the Chaos Scepter from Krathedos… He even knew who Krethados was, How is this possible?! The thing that scares me is he wants the Chaos Scepter, its powers would be devestating in his hands. I must make sure that the Chaos Septre finds its way into Atlantas hands so he doesn’t claim it. I still hear Incrime, he is constantly whispering in my ear and chuckling. He tells me how he wants to control me and how he will claim my body. I can’t hold his power back, but I have to try, I guess it seems that I am… a monster.

Damn Vilassin! (ombre)

Damn her to whatever foul pit she crawled up from!

After I bled her out once, she appeared, scarred by whatever foul powers took her, along with those idiot nobles that we had slain! I hope that this time she doesn’t dare to rise again, or i’ll cut her into such small pieces that she won’t be able to do a damn thing!

Those nobles as well. If we stumble upon that castle again, wherever it lies now, I swear to all that the great goddess of death stands for, that i will blow it up… I will take the doctor’s bombs, and gunpowder, and blow it up… there will not be a stone that survives when i’m finished with it.

Combat Log: What is happening???
Pyronin's Combat Logs

Sigh… We found the doc and one of his friends named canis stuck in a cell that the cultists of Demagorgon had. I feigned my own death to sneak in and well Zeus and Rags found their way in too. We Managed to kill a Slaad and his minions. Shortly after though we a troll chased after us back to moonshine which we did make it back with few casualties.

Doc Prepared a ritual and we found ourselves going to the deva council, his friend Canis or as I found out Rogear, told me that the Atlanta was a Rakshasa in his former life. I can’t believe this. However doc began manifesting dark powers when he touched an orb that we found on the Cultists. Doc Teleported us to see the Deva Council. The astral sea is an interesting place, but we found an audience with the council. I will finish writing tomorrow because I am exhausted.

I can’t go on. My best friend has begun to lose himself within his Rakshasa form. That orb that we found on one of those cultists I believe caused him to be this way. We are tracking him down in the Underdark and I don’t know what to do. I feel angry that I couldn’t save him and i’m upset at everything that has happened. I’m losing my first true best friend right before my eyes. I feel cold. Like something is opening up within me. Doc said to me before I left that Kossuth is my father and that we had to protect the seals from a great evil. He told me that these seals keep the Far realm from colliding with other worlds. I don’t know. However I’m getting the feeling that something horrible is about to happen to me. In a fit of rage after rags made a comment, I grabbed him by his neck and began strangling him, if it weren’t for Zeus I probably would have killed him! What is wrong with me?!? Doc also told Me that my flames will be touched by the cold of chaos and I had to control it otherwise those I care about most will suffer. I don’t know what he means by this but I know I have to save doc and his friend Rogear otherwise I will never be able to forgive myself. Doc I promised Rogear that I would protect you and I will. Please doc just give me some time and don’t leave me alone!

Out of a cell (and several deaths later), along with other musings and reports [Ombre]
Ombre's Freelancer's Logs/Notes

Pallus 15, 80th year of the rule of Lord Bastel

Lahora is dead. I had warned you all that eventually this would happen… Mark, I swear that if we ever recover Lahora’s body, I WILL make you pay the cost of her resurrection. Don’t think that I’ll simply kill you if you don’t. There are MUCH worse things that could be done.

However, we are out of that insane woman’s castle, though as far as can be reconed, her soul has moved on… To the stars. Which as far as i can tell, is the source of all those monstrosoties Gren fears so much. Wonderful. And Bastel appears to be planning on breaking the seals… which will open the door to the far realm… how wonderful, eh?

On a more personal note… I hate magic induced slumber… It causes the strangest dreams… usually accompanied by deja vu…

Pallus 16

On the road, and well out of town. There was no chance to return for Lahora’s body as I would have hoped. I’ll find some way for Mark to suffer for this…

And it would appear that somehow… we have become… famous? Strange, is it not? People who have been joining us on the road have been calling us… the One way Heroes… nothing good in my opinion.

Pallus 17

Alright… this is beginning to get ridiculous. A small army of people has joined us on our way to this town Mark needs to go to… To chronicle:

-A band of landlocked pirates
-A goblin porter and his wife
-A trio of Minotaur siblings who wish to get some ‘practical experience’ from adventurers
-A pacifistic Ogre
-A Dwarf by the name of Frealm, and a Farie by the name of Minda searching for their companions
-A Alchemist, and his warforged manservant in their… horseless carriage. (no, quite litterally, a carriage that ran without horses.)
-The patients of a local insane asylum and their guards
-A Hoardless dragon who wanted a drinking buddy in mark. (who seemed to be one of the only sensible ones there.)
-A group of peasants who worship… Orcus… Suppresses urge to kill them
-And a group of quicklings, training for a race (although we are still trying to decide whether or not to take those.)

I’ll add more if i find there are more to be accounted for, but so far that is the situation…

Combat Log: The Doc is Gone!
Pyronin's Combat Logs

We were in the process of telling our deepest secrets to doc, I told him that I lied when I said I just wandered close to the abyss instead I actually went into it. I saw… many things I shouldn’t have and now… the Abyss is the one thing I truly fear. Then I don’t know what happened or how it happened, but it did. Doctor Atlanta got kidnapped by a bunch of men wearing dark hoods. They knocked Rags out and Zeus and I could do little to stop them. We managed to track them though across the planes and into a dark and unnatural forest. We came accross 2 treants and 2 animated bear corpses. I managed to blast the treants with fire pretty much killing them with ease. The bears on the other hand were a little more difficult. We eventually came out of the forest and found a very run-down cathedral. Rags and I managed to bust through the windows while Zeus came in the front. We killed of a large number of the Cultists, but still no sign of doc though we did come across an angelic messanger which gave us the location of a hidden entrance to the basement of the Cathedral. We also figured out that the cultests were to Demagorgon… A demon lord of the Abyss I still can’t believe that the doc is gone. I actually consider the doc despite all of his nonsense and irrationality my first true friend. I must help the doc. I will find you doc whatever it takes.

Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflection (Sequence #3)(continued)
Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflections

After all of that fun, it came time to get down to business. We started by inspecting the Calimos Mines (or Cali Mines for short) for bandit activity. (To save all that are reading this log some time and mental effort, see Pyronin’s Combat Log: The Pyramid of Fire, Darella, and Kane for details about the travelling from the mine all the way up to pyramid. Oh, and one adrenaline-boosting part for Doctor Atlanta was during the Bandit Hoard Onslaught was when he killed a Bandit General by the name of Eago with a melee attack to relieve some stress!). Before we had arrived at the pyramid, I found that, being the group merchant and selling all of our enemies unwanted loot, I was able to barely buy primordial warhorse (whose flames, I might add, glow with periodically changing luminescent colors) that I’ve presumed to name Fantasy! (Again, for our trip throughout the pyramid, check Pyronin’s Combat Log: The Pyramid of Fire, Darella, and Kane for the details.). As we came upon the room with a majestic phoenix that had both built a nest in the room and disappeared in flames, we began inspecting the markings on the walls when I suddenly reading these long-dead scriptures in my mind. As that happened, I recieved a mental message from a large god of flame by the name of Kossoph (who later in the conversation revealed himself to be Pyronin’s father) told me of a very foreboding prophecy. At the end of the conversation, I began to feel and see myself becoming a Rakshasa, only to wake up in a awfully spurred sweat of fear having realized it to only be a dream. I must alert the Deva Council at once of Kossoph’s prophecy!

Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflections (Sequence #3)
Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflections

This last adventure sure has been one that neither Mark nor Pyronin shan’t forget, myself included. Ever since the last adventure, I’ve developed some unusually dark impulses as of late. Anyways, having agreed to accompany Pyronin to go check-in on his home city of Calimos was quite unusual. As we fought bandits along the way, I got the strange, and disdainful, urge to try the taste of human flesh, much like the behavior of a ravenous animal. To mask this strange desire, I decided to make an attempt or two at making the bandits (and other nearby assorted insects and plants) into soup, which resulted in an unexpected surprise of culinary perfection. As we arrived I was awe-struck by the first curiosity shop we crossed by as it was a small shop that sold mounts. I couldn’t believe what was in stock, as they had three unimaginable mounts. These mounts were a large desert scorpion, a hippogriff, and the most expensive at 250,000 gold pieces, a primordial warhorse. After a bit of sightseeing, we went into the royalty district of town, coming to a tower of great height that had a humongous blaze crystal that sat atop the massive spire. After convincing The high magistrate of an impending large-scale bandit onslaught, we were allowed to stay in the royal suites. Being the gentleman I so portray myself to be, I decided to not sleep in the suites, seeing as how the magistrate’s beautiful daughter had a childishly curious glimmer in her eye as she saw me. I tried to not sleep in the royal quarters that were but within pacing distance of her’s and my comrades, this was because I had soon learned that she was Pyronin’s last paramoor, so I tricked myself into believing the danger that would present itself had Pyronin figured out what would happen had I given into “satiating” her curiosity. The part that apparently was fairly hilarious to the other two was that the magistrate had sent guards after me to pull me out of a nearby palm tree, only to throw me back to the suite that had been designated mine for the evening (curse you bewitching temptress! They were just asking for you-know-what!)…

Combat Log: The Pyramid of Fire, Darella, and Kane
Pyronin's Combat Logs

My city was finally saved from the bandits. I didn’t realize that Bandit Lord Jafar could summon a primordial Hydra. We beat him though and saved the city. All thanks to the bombs and extra troops that Mark and Dr. Atlanta gathered. I also made a chaos charge which wiped out a large portion of the army. They all preformed very well and I am happy that they helped me save my city I am forever in their debt. We managed to get to the pyramid of fire and we found a skull lord had infiltrated the pyramid but he wasn’t the true enemy. We had to face a sunsearer. They are balls of light that would destroy everything in their path. It was a guardian as well as the large number of fire archons and helmed horror guards. The Chaos Sceptre was also found and we decided to give it to the Doc. from what I know it makes all his powers that deal radient damage also aquire the fire archtype. it is very similar to a flaming weapon only it is more powerful than my own weapon. We managed to find the temples true guardian a pheonix. This pheonix let us examine the scriptures and for some odd reason the Doc fell unconcious. He woke up completely terrified in his wierd docish way and he told us to head to the deva council and he said he saw something though he won’t tell me what. Somthing tells me the doc saw something that relates to me…


Kane doesn’t talk much, when we found him he was stuck in a black pudding and we had to fish him out we beat the thing with the help of our other new companion Darella. Kane prefers to fight rather than talk and even though he is skilled and smart in combat he can be a little rash and sometimes that could get him into trouble. His acrobatic abilities are unmatched and he has an overall good combat ability.

Combat Grade: B+


Where do I start I will saw for one thing that this eladrin women is incredibly powerful. She not only has the ability to confuse and blind her opponents but she has many other baffling abilities as well she is also more intelligent than the rest of the group and can be very serious about things a trait I do like in a warrior. I often feel a rush when I fight next to her. Like mark I would fight next to her any day. Speaking of Mark I am getting the feeling that she hates Lahora and has feelings for Mark. I will keep this juicy tidbit to myself for now

Combat Grade: A

Combat Log: Calimos and Mark
Pyronin's notes on Calimos and Mark

So we have gone back to my home city of Calimos, does that bring back memories. Only Dr. Atlanta volunteered to go on my quest. He did bring along mark though so this seems like it can work. I still despise the chruch of Bahamut, but it seems that they are losing power so I think I can relax now. At least Mark and Dr. Atlanta convinced the Magistrate to have an audience with my parents that was a Nightmare. Once we got an audience my parents revealed top secret information that even I didn’t know. Especially about the strange man wanting to go inside the pyramid of fire. He was garbed in black and missing an eye. it seems that my group hasn’t heard of him though. Currently Strange things have been happening around the Desert. The wayward Bandits have merged into a large hoard under the leadership of the Bandit Lord Abu-Rawash. This worries me, he is the one bandit I had the toughest time beating, I don’t know how he ammassed such an army though. Anyway they want entrance in to the sacred pyramid of fire. The Pyramid dedicated to the Elemental Chaos and the Primordial Fire Lord, Kossuth. I would rather die than see him enter that pyramid. I sense something is wrong inside the pyramid but to even gain entrance into the Pyramid I need to Clean the Cali Mines of Bandits, and help keep the my home safe from the bandit Hoarde. Thats fun so far we have had to kill a bunch of bandits, and a bunch of flaming Zombies. These Zombies are not ordinary they have been affected by the blaze crystals so they are much more powerful because they have the power of fire. The bandits also managed to gain hell hounds. This is getting more and more outragous every step I take. I just hope things don’t get any worse.


I have recently met a man by the name of Mark Lox. He seems to be a close friend to Dr. Atlanta. Not only that but he is married to a Noble by the Name of Lahora. Mark is a Mysterious Person. He hides everything about himself except for who he is at the moment. I suspect he may be hiding something. He can be a little childish like Dr. Atlanta and he often likes to steal things. I wonder who influenced who, the Doc or Mark. Mark rides a Dire Wolf and attacks from on top of it which can be really helpful. He also is very potent at badly injuring enemies that he pulls off to the side. He is an excellent swordsman and I would fight next to him any day.

Combat Grade: A


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