One way trip to Oblivion

Who are these people? (By Ombre)
This group of adventurers obviously doesn't know what the heck they are doing...

Alright… met up with some adventurers today… apparently they were looking for something called the eye of Wa’nang… instead of wisely sneaking in to get it, they burst in, swords drawn, and I was pulled in with them…then, when I’ve got a chance to actually gather some information, the Dragonborn ruins it all… THIS is why I work solo!

… Even so… Theres something about that Rogue… HE seems so… Familiar…

Until the wiki was started...

Since everyone in the group gets a chance to DM, everyone has mostly been running Pre-made DDI adventures to get used to DMing: -Den of the Slave takers -The Tainted Spiral -a custom adventure where the group was completing a mark on Gren’s list, retrieving the eye of W’nag -a custom where the group took down the leader of a group of raiders, a young Blue dragon -Storm Tower


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