One way trip to Oblivion

RP: New Friends?

For days now, the drow assassin, Tsynne, has laid in bed in a state of hibernation. After many different methods to wake her, Tsynne still remains asleep. You decide that it is time to resort to psionic powers to wake her. You spreed a call for Psions to local communities in hopes that a competent one will come along. After 2 days, you are told that a pair of hooded figures come to Golden Moon, one of which is riding on horse back, the other walking along side. You greet them at the gates, to which the rider asks “Greetings, would one of you happen to be Mr. Mark Lox? I came here to look at his drow friend”

Suggestions for the weapons

Alright, the problem of the Silver Greatsword has been resolved.

Now the only question is, should the weapons made from the greatsword have the same property (which is either an additional 1d6, or 1d10 psychic damage) or should it be some other property entirely?

The Letter (pre-14th level adventure RP.)

The caravan has been traveling across Arcadia, entering an area known as the southern wastes. Really, a quite boring place, but at least you get a break from the ‘stardom’ you’ve achieved through the S.O.N.‘s broadcast plays. At about the third day into your journey across the wastes, you notice a lone figure, about human-sized traveling across the wastes. He is mounted on horseback from the looks of it, though it’s hard to discern anything more as of yet. (perception) Either way, the moment he sees the caravan, he changes his path to make a bee-line towards it.

RP: The Mind Mage

This RP occurs several days after Andrew’s adventure.
Note: during the course of Andrew’s adventure, Tsynne was knocked out and has yet to wake up.

After several days, the group has determined that Tsynne’s coma is due to a magical force. Gren, Atlanta and all other magic users have been unable to revive her. She is not dead, as Dr. Atlanta uses basic magic to transfer nutrients into her body in a form of feeding her. aside by her constant breathing, the occasional panting and sweating, and a cry of pain, tsynne has remained entirely inactive. The group believes that Tsynne is suffering from an issue in the deep reaches of her mind. The group fears the worst and begins to look outside the camp for help.

Recently, a newsletter, detailing all of the local news across the plane, details a Scion named Reyalf, a young mage who has excelled in the arts of mind magic. It is said that he can preform a ritual that will allow people into the dreams of another. You decide to look for the young mage, and after many days of search, find him in a small quaint village. As you open the door, you hear the voice of the man speaking to you from his mind.

“Greetings, travelers. Do you, too wish to journey into the dreams of one another?”

RP: The Rainy Bridge
This one actually is pretty important to play, so please participate.

This chronologically takes place right before Andrew’s adventure, but after Kyle’s

The caravan inches along at a slow pace on this late winter morning. It’s been a slow couple of days but in some respects you’re a bit happy to have a break. A light shower starts and those with wagons and carts start covering their things. The Polan’i are out front scouting ahead and most of you are helping waterproof everything or keep the rear watched. Suddenly Bjorkus rides up to you and says “We spotted figures in cloaks standing in the road up ahead waiting for something. They’re armed, and 10 copper says we’re their targets”

The rains starts to pick up as you arrive near the cloaked figures. As you get nearer you start to get an odd feeling in your head. (A fairly high Arcana or Dungeoneering revels it’s a psychic projection, training tells that it’s coming from the figures and its just enough to glean basic information from a person’s mind. Vague emotions, personality traits and the person’s self image, which includes name, race, and talents, I trust you guys to roleplay accordingly) the figures are all oddly shaped and distinctly Non-human, but the cloaks mask any further identification.
You all hear a psychic voice being projected in your native tongue that says “We have come for the key, sacrifice it so that it may complete its task.”

Doc's Reflective Thoughts (Sequence #5): Demons, Danger, & Delight
Doc's Reflective Thoughts

Ahh, well I guess it’s been awhile since I have reflected on recent happenings, so I guess this one is going to be about our latest adventure, the atonement of Normanton. By the way, to give you an idea of how eventful and interesting it was, I can’t tell if I’m so peaceful because of the adrenaline that recently finished coursing through me, the amount of blood loss possibly making me delirious, or the new paramour I gained that can go from angelic to risqué with the slightest suggestion of intimacy, making our loving interaction go from one of public adoration to secluded passion. Oh, sorry, started to daydream a bit, anyways it all started with our travel to Normanton. As we made our way to the town, we came into the view of demons that weren’t too happy with our presence. After a couple of roadside stops, we arrived at Normanton, a hospitable village surrounded by a wall with runes along it’s outer wall, preventing demons from entering it’s confines. Upon arrival, we were introduced to the leaders and officials of this town, we met Evan Charade, Tantibus Nomed, and Loombera Halvas, who was accompanied by her daughter, a young elf by the name of Aquea Halvas. As we learned about the town, we spotted Loombera sneaking around the town’s underground trade route passages, and this eventually led to her revealing herself as a hag that unwillingly summoned demons from a portal that attacked us. After this fight, we tried asking her for information, but when she tried to utter the name of an involved demon lord, she began writhing in pain, unable to speak, so Zeus decided to end her suffering. Back on the town surface, demons showed up in the tavern, where Aquea was cowering from Evan Charade’s transformation into a demon. Throughout the fight, I protected Aquea by suffering attacks made against her and myself, eventually the fight came to a close. As we went to check on Tantibus with Aquea in tow, we found him to have become tainted as well, though toward the end of the fight as he and Charade were being taken into demonic portals, Tantibus showed signs of sorrow and sanity before disappearing with Charade and the portals. As we left, Aquea Halvas had taken quite a liking to me as I had to her, now following the party on our adventurous exploits. So that’s the story for you, now if you will excuse me I see that Aquea is displaying one of the “call signs.” “Here I come my little Wicked Succubus of Temptation! I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long, mhmhmhmhmm….”

Combat Log: The Demons

A few days ago, we traveled to the town of Normanton and stumbled upon this town being attacked by demons. We were sent to investigate and much to our surprise the sheer quantity of Demons was incredible. I haven’t seen things like this since my last trip into the Abyss. I have never felt such fear or lust for blood. We continued to investigate and we found that one of the town’s leaders, Loombra Halvas, was actually a hag and she was summoning demons. We quickly destroyed the demons and subdued her but not without the loss of a paladin known as Kaye. Her sacrefice was noble and we will always keep her in our memories. We tried getting her to talk, and she complied until she was asked to say a certain name then she began to writhe in pain. Eventually she asked to be killed and we killed her. We took some things called soul Larvae and left to find Tantibus and Lord Charade. Lord Charade tried to break some deal and he was transformed into a demon. Ombre Killed him but The sight of him transforming caused me pain. Unimaginable Pain and I felt the need for blood, more and more blood. Incrime began taking over. We destroyed Charade but we had to deal with Tantubus Who transformed into an even more grousome Demon. Incrime felt the need to claim more blood and badly injured Tantubus but in doing so he consumed one of the Soul Larvae. I managed to regain control but since that day, I havn’t felt quite normal. I have felt almost sick, I don’t know what is going to happen to me but, I pray for the other’s safty. Please Kossuth Protect My comrades. Although I have recieved word from my brother about the location of the next Seal, we are going to the Chaos Glades.

RP 6

Not long after the events in Ikemmu, and before the events of the current adventure…

After setting up camp, you notice a commotion going through the camp. Apparently something is happening close to a nearby town that is attracting quite a bit of attention, in fact most of the caravan is leaving to go see it. When you follow them, you’re greeted by a large stage, ornately decorated (but indeed, collapsible.). After paying your 5 copper, (or sneaking in, as some are prone to do) the play begins.

The Play you Stumble Across

Afterwords the crowd goes wild as you stand awestruck. The Performers all take a bow and walk offstage. The crowd begins to file out and you stand in from of the empty stage. A large pavilion is set up not far away and the cast and crew begin an opening night celebration. There is a line of fans leading in for autographs, small fireworks creating plenty of distractions, and huge tables fled with mostly unknown stage crew, so there are many ways to infiltrate…

Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflections (Sequence #4): Agallotro Krathatose
Doctor Atlanta's Meditational Reflections

Such transpiring events have been taking place as of recent. I transformed into my dark counterpart, Agallotro Krathatose, that I’m constantly supressing, not allowing him control of my will and reintroduce his former body over mine. Though this time, he has succeeded in beating my for control. He has ravaged many of those living in the Underdark and has slaughtered our mark, a dark creeper by the name of Dar’shhkk that had been creating undead hands as minions. In addition to his massacre, he had tamed a rust monster using his enchanted reins, having it eat blood and turning it into a black, lightning-spewing monstrosity of a rust monster. All seemed to be going foul but not out of control, though I watched in fear as he turned toward my allies in a maniacal stare, letting out a blood-curdling roar in eagerness to spill their blood. Thank Amoth that Krathatose’s former leader and “father”, Scarshoth, had subdued him before going on an even more destructive tirade. At least when we all arrived at the Nine, they managed to return the rust monster back to a more relaxed state, though were unable to reduce it’s shocking potential entirely, lessening it to little more than a spark. After some slight torture, Agallotro and Incrime waded into combat against each other, allowing Pyronin and I to allow them to weaken each other into a state in which we are able to keep them under control. Though I have begun to worry even more, as I began watch as Krathatose was being empowered by the other rare foe we normally fight against. This new force dissolved his face, leaving a dark skull underneath, and fizziling his right arm to little more than necrotic bone. As he was being infused by this power, he was being healed by evil energies and I felt myself drifting further away, almost as if I had begun to fade into the ether, though was able to retain my existence. As he struck Incrime, who proceeded to block the death-filled blow from his necrotic right claw, he transfered some of the shadow-filled energy into Incrime’s being, which began to eat away at his icy hide. Luckily, Incrime was able to end the battle into a draw by knocking both himself and Agallotro out, allowing Pyronin and I to resume control over our minds and bodies. I just hope that “dark denizen” from the deepest parts of both Agallotro’s and my mind’s recesses doesn’t show again, lest my friends be overwhelmed and I disappear into a never-ending labyrinth of nothingness…

Combat Log: Incrime

Damn it all! Why did this have to happen, I have just realized the demon that dwells within my being. This monster is my polar opposite. He is of Ice. His powers are not normal though, they seem to be augmented with overwhelmingly dark energy. This being’s name I soon have come to figure out is Incrime. The event from the last quest seem to have triggered his materialization. As I slipped further into depression and rage, he grew in power; feeding upon the negative energy of my mind. During combat, I notice sometimes I will black out and when I come to, my hands will be stained with blood. As of late I have had a strange craving for bloodlust, this also explains why I almost killed rags. Incrime is nearly impossible to control. His power is far greater than mine. When I wake I remember nothing of what goes on in battle. The only thing I feel is bloodlust and power, it… it… it feels like nothing I have ever felt. I am in fear of his power. I guess this is what the doc meant by the cold of chaos, which means i’m going to have to protect everyone not only from outside threats but from Incrime as well. Incrime is ruthless and will kill anyone in his path. I went to the Deva Council and told them about everything and they told me about Incrime. Knowing what I must do, I proceeded to give Krathedos the battle of his life; against Incrime, though I had to hold Incrime back, who knows what would have happended had I let him out fully. Even with Incrime dealing with my power as well, he managed to draw against Krathedos, albiet knocking me unconcious along with him. This isn’t the full extent of his power though, there is more, He was holding back, like he tried to get as much fun out of battling Krathedos as possible. If I hadn’t held back his power though who knows what would have happened… Many strange abilities have been comming about ever since his appearance one of which is my fluency in Abyssal! This leads me to believe that he was created when I was dragged into the abyss… I vaguely remember though that he wanted the Chaos Scepter from Krathedos… He even knew who Krethados was, How is this possible?! The thing that scares me is he wants the Chaos Scepter, its powers would be devestating in his hands. I must make sure that the Chaos Septre finds its way into Atlantas hands so he doesn’t claim it. I still hear Incrime, he is constantly whispering in my ear and chuckling. He tells me how he wants to control me and how he will claim my body. I can’t hold his power back, but I have to try, I guess it seems that I am… a monster.


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