Flesh Orb of the Fallen Angel

An orb whose power seems to be from that of the Underdark, possibly the Abyss.


Flesh Orb of the Fallen Angel
Level 8 Orb

Weapon: Orb
Critical: +2D6 necrotic damage
Property: Adds +1D8 extra necrotic damage to attacks with the radiant keyword. (Rakshasa Form Only)


Rumored to have originally belonged to Dagon, the twisted abyssal master of Demogorgon, during his assault on the heavenly god Amoth. The crystalline sphere seems to influence the wielder into carrying out ill-omens and forsaken deeds when held. Formerly belonging to Anax the Foul, a disgusting cultist of Demagorgon, this orb transmutes the energies of the Underdark into raw, necrotic power. It is smooth and shaded a dark hue, occasionally changing from warm to chill in temperature.

Flesh Orb of the Fallen Angel

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