Reaper of Torog


A Teifling Revenant who became the Reaper of Torog after being revived. He has no memory of his past life, but had developed a personality after a short time. He has come to enjoy inflicting pain upon people for sport and doesn’t mind getting hurt himself. In combat, he tends to inflict as much pain and suffering upon his enemies as possible. He is deeply infatuated by Alice and will do what he can to please her. He delivers the soul of his victim to Torog to be tortured for all eternity. He finds extreme displeasure in things such as tickling. Though evil, Zaharl is very reasonable, all will do what he is told… to an extent.

Likes: Blood, Chains, Whips, Torture, Alice.

Dislikes: Arrogant Noblemen, Beggars, Weaklings, Being Tickled, Unreasonableness.



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