A massive werewolf pack lord whose bark is hardly as fierce as his bite, he leads an infamous pack of lycanthropes by the name of "The Moonfang Marauders."


Having greater physical strength than most lycanthropes and a wisdom to match, this werewolf pack lord has a dark pelt with an occasional marking made of blood showing his combat prowess. Scarshoth is considered a force to be reckoned with, one that could easily devour most beings with a simple snap of his pearly jaws. Having such incredible brawn, many lycanthropes revere him as the “Sentinel of Savagery.” In addition to his incredible might, he “married” an evenly vicious mate, an unusually attractive werecrocodile named Vissara. It is through this power and reputation that he has earned a place among some of the most fearsome beings known to every realm. Though still remains unconfirmed as to whether he and Vissara had adopted a stray youth as their son and his successor…


Born as a lycanthrope, he started off as an unusually strong child, capable of breaking boulders with a simple punch. As he grew, he began to show greater strength than possible among many werewolves. He eventually became somewhat feral, attacking many nearby creatures that had done nothing to disturb him. As his blood-lust developed, he decided to flee into the wilds of the Underdark so as to not bring harm to any of the villagers he had been living with. One day, as he was out savaging some common gricks, he came in contact with an equally-ferocious female werecrocodile by the name Vissara. From first sight, the two knew what was to happen, so they ended up “marrying” and built The Moonfang Marauders. To this day, the lycanthrope pack still brings fear and death to those that oppose them.


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