Rojear Barske

An unusual werelupe whose relation to Doctor Atlanta is as Agallotro Krathatose's best friend. He goes by the name of Canis in the presence of those that don't know his real name.


Rojear Barske
Level 8 Soldier
HP 86; Bloodied 43
AC 24; Fortitude 21; Reflex 20; Will 20
Speed 6
Initiative +8; Perception +6

Mark of the Accursed * Aura 3

Standard Actions
Bite * At-Will
Short Sword (weapon) * At-Will
Rending Claw (cold, necrotic) * At-Will

Move Actions
Jackalwere Jaunt * At-Will

Free Actions
Change Shape (polymorph) * At-Will

Str 20; Dex 14; Wis 14; Con 14; Int 14; Cha 14
Alignment: Unaligned; Languages: Common


This denizen of the Underdark seems apart from the natural chaos that constantly spurs within the realm. Having great power and a trustworthy heart, he is a very welcome ally on the battlefield. It is only known by Doctor Atlanta that he is his best friend from a former life. The only clue to their relationship that can be drawn from is the unusual mark on the back of Rojear’s left shoulder and the similar mark on Doc’s chest. Little else is known about this unusual shapeshifter.

As of now, he has been identified as Agallotro Krathatose’s, Doctor Atlanta’s past life, best friend. The mark still remains a mystery, except to Rojear, Agallotro, Atlanta, and two more unusual characters. The mark seems to glow when Atlanta is hit, causing Rojear to instantly retaliate for the enemy’s striking of his friend. When he saw the sudden appearance of a pair of uncommon lycanthropes, Rojear quickly fled back to The Nine without another word.

Rojear Barske

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