Ozerious "Oz" Vessalius

A young outcast eladrin noble who has a connection with pyronin


Oz appears to be very young despite being an adult. He has a very pleasent appearence with flawless skin and deep emerald eyes. Long golden blonde hair is tied tight in a braid and extends to his knees. He has a very soft and pleasent voice and can often be heard humming a very cheerful tune. He dresses in green nobility attire. He has a very soft smile and carries a sythe on his back.


Oz has a very chearful personality often accepting people as they are and trying to make friends with them. He is fast to crack a joke and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Overall he is a very kind person and takes a liking to people in general. Despite this he can be very outspoken and has some leadership qualities. Although he is often viewed as childish by many people as he often gets excited over the smallest things. Oz has a very turmoiled inner life as he was rejected by his parents at a young age and he became very introverted about how he truly feels. He often puts on a mask to hide his inner turmoil. He has little regard for his own life and would sacrefice it easily, even if it isn’t the best of Choices. Oz has a great infatuation with Young cute girls and is quick to court them should time allow, but usually doesn’t get the chance (due to alice). He is always seen with alice and the two companions are regarded as inseperable.

Ozerious "Oz" Vessalius

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