A Powerful Ice Demon who's soul is bonded to that of Pyronin


Little is known about incrime’s true form, currently the markings that dance across Pyronin’s flesh turn an icy blue. Pyronin’s eyes turn Blue as well and a large snear crosses his face. I thin layer of ice begins to form around Pyronin’s body almost like armor. Incrime’s face always looks twisted. It is clear that dark power inhabits this being. He manifests whenever he desires and has a craving for blood. Pyronin, despite the fear uses his ice powers but not without a cost, using Incrime’s power causes Incrime to grow stronger. Nothing can stop his growth.

For those that have been to pyronin’s inner world they see incrime for what he truly is. Incrime’s face looks like an icy skull with a large psychotic snear. Two orbs of black energy dance in his eye sockets. The rest of his body is incredibly well built and made entirely of ice. He has a great amount of strength. His head appears to have a strange protrusion almost like a crown made entirely of ice. He is very tall standing about 6 foot 5 inches. This impending figure strikes fear into all who see him.


A Powerful Ice Elemental who has gained demonic energy. His powers are said to passed down from the Ice Queen herself. Incrime is the other half of pyronin. When pyronin was dragged into the abyss his fire powers were sealed but a new creature was created within him. This creature was known as Incrime. Incrime commands the powers of Ice. He is ruthless and more psychotic than pyronin. He is blood thirsty and is willing to remove anyone that gets in his way. His powers, are said to be even stronger than pyronin’s.

Incrime desires the Chaos Scepter, little is known for what he wants it for, but he seems obsessive over that relic. He will go to any lengths to get it even pry it from a restrained Algallatro’s hands. Upon claiming this ancient relic, Incrime chuckled under his breath and then Pyronin hit the ground, clearly unconcious.

It is unknown how Incrime knows Algallatro, but it seems he does, and it is unknown what kind of relationship they share or shared. All that is obvious is that Incrime does know of Algallatro.

The origin of incrime’s power is unknown but he appears to have incredible demonic power. He used the chaos sceptre to break the Chaos Seal and Unleash Cifer. It is unknown why he unleashed cifer, but according


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