Aquea Halvas

A beautiful elf woman who was raised by a hag and taught in the ways of demonology by the now demonic Tantibus Nomed.


A young elf woman whose knowledge of demons and inspiring intellect aids the One Way Mercenaries in their many pursuits. She is frequently seen with the group’s deva invoker, Doctor Atlanta, enjoying his company as much as he enjoys her presence, seeming nearly inseperable from one another.


For a long time Aquea was raised by, and lived with, the hag known as Loombera Halvas. In their travels they came to the town Normanton which was being plagued by demons. A man known as Tantibus Nomed and his friend Evan Charade took them in during one of the demon attacks. As thanks to them Loombera and Aquea assist them in protecting the town from the demon’s and taking control away from its powerless leader. With Evan Charade in charge and looking after town, the only thing left for the Halvas’s was to assist Tantibus in researching the demons. From this Aquea has learned much about demonology and looked up to Tantibus as though he were an older brother.

After the events took place in Normanton, when the One Way Mercenaries finished off the demon invasion, Aquea was in a shocked and depressed state after hearing of Loombera’s death and witnessing Tantibus Nomed becoming corrupted by the demonic power of a Demon Lord.

Now she serves as the caravan’s demonologist, still slowly recovering from the events at Normanton. She seems to have taken a liking to Doctor Atlanta, who protected her during one of the battles with the demons, in which he had consoled and shielded her while Tantibus Nomed had transformed into nothing short of a corrupted human, brimming with demonic power.

Aquea Halvas

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