What appears to be a young human girl, though inside she hides many mysterious powers.


Alice is a young girl who appears to be around ages 15-18. She has long black hair that extends past her hips and two unusually long braids. Her eyes are a deep violet. She is short around 5’6" tall. Despite her small size she has disproportonate amounts of strength; rivaling the strength of the strongest humans. She often wears a mini-skirt and a red, pink, and white trench coat. A large white bow can be seen on the front of her outfit. She wears knee high white boots to compliment the outfit.

When her Power is released alice takes to form of a giant black carnivorous rabbit. This creature is the full power of her release. This creature wears her same clothes, except the skirt is instead black pants and the coat is ripped at the ends. She wields a very large sythe and uses spear tipped chains as ranged weapons.


Alice appears to be a human, but looks can be decieving. She is actually a creature from a realm only known in legend as the Realm of Madness. Creatures from this realm are known as Chains. She is a special chain because she takes on a very human form unlike many other chains. She entered a contract with Oz a few years ago and is now his closest companion. Alice is very blunt, cutting, and outspoken. She has a short temper and is easily angered as well as is very unfeminine and sinester. She tends to be mean to anybody other than Oz. Even so she constantly calls Oz her man servent. Secretly she never likes to be alone and wishes Oz would pay more attention to her. She gets jealous very easily and deep down is very easily upset. She never shows these emotions to anybody often expressing anger or frustration more than anything else. She may have developed a secret crush for Oz. One of her favorate things is eating, paticularly meat. Despite being a rabbit. Whether she is feeling down or up she is always ready for a chowdown. Alice has a strange habit when she blind drunk; this habit is compulsive stripping until all thats left is a skirt and an open button down shirt. She also pulls pranks and gets very possesive of Oz while in this state


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