Agallotro Krathatose

A powerful rakshasa known throughout the Underdark, his existence has been lost in time. Until now...


An unbelievable Underdark denizen, with an uncommonly colored pelt of dark purple and stripes of vibrant yellow and blood red, known for his ruthlessness as well as his trust in allies. Being considered as nobility across the realm for his unusual skill in battle, his reputation of unyielding strength still echoes throughout the Underdark. Being a noble, he constantly yearned for excitement, hence his great enjoyment in battle. As a child, he was sometimes seen playing with his best friend, a lycanthrope by the name of Rojear Barske, in some of the more feral areas of the Underdark. He has often been called by the title given unto him as the “Prince of the Nine Hells.”

He has now revealed himself to be Doctor Atlanta’s past life. Bursting out of what seemed to be a restless slumber, he flew into a blood rage, destroying every creature in sight. His power was only matched by that of Incrime, who had resided inside Pyronin undisturbed until recently. Even then, his power seemed to increase as the battle drew on, though there is another even more powerful foe that has remained dormant except toward the end of the fight. None are sure of who this unbelievable daemon behind Agallotro and Atlanta is, this is most preferred by both and should be by all else.


Many of the chaotic & somewhat sane inhabitants of the plane wish to not only aspire to his fearful position, but to also attain his tremendous ferocity. Oddly enough, he is a very well-groomed and surprisingly handsome demon, so much that even those of either evil origin or different race find his charm undeniable. Apparently, as battle continued on, he seemed to only get stronger, being infused with the powers of an overwhelming frenetic blood-rage as well as mysteriously intensifying dark energies. In addition to being admired by many demonic beings, especially by lycanthropes, he has had an awfully strange history behind him. It has been rumored that, as a wayward youth, he was adopted into a pack of renowned lycanthropes by the name of “The Moonfang Marauders.”

When Agallotro took over Doc’s physical being, he went into a instant rage, slaughtering many enemies with little effort. The berserk attitude he displayed was most likely due to his sudden reintroduction into the world, which had affected his mind in an adverse manner. Other than the unexpected action he displayed, he is actually a very intelligent and gentle soul, very unusual in regard to demon terms. When he struck down his target, he turned to let his rage loose on the party when ambushed by an unexpected group of very unusual lycanthropes whose leader, a werewolf pack lord by the name of Scarshoth, quickly subdued him, seeming to be familiar with his offensive skills and fighting style. Perhaps the rumors of being taken into The Moonfang Marauders are true…

Agallotro Krathatose

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