Rena Ule

Gren's Grief Stricken Mother


Rena is a middle aged woman with wild black hair and a thousand mile stare. Rena’s spirit companion is a fox who is constantly wondering off and fading out.


Rena was an average girl growing up. She married the then attractive Urse Ule at a young age and thought her life would be perfect. Giving birth to Gren was the happiest day of her life and Gren then became the focus of her life. When Gren was sent away, she convinced herself over and over again that the story told to Gren was the true one, even though he understood the real reason. She then snapped under the nervousness she felt for her estranged son. She slowly became known to the local children as the crazy lady to avoid. She is constantly muddering things to herself such as “His letters are coming soon, he promised me he’d send them.”

Rena Ule

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