Urse Ule

Gren's Father and Cheif Medicine Man of the Soul Runners


Middle aged and frail beyond his years, Urse looks like he’s had a fair amount of stress in his 46 years. His spirit is a great bear, which too looks rather worn and aged.


Urse is the chief Medicine Man of the Soul Runners, and has been so for 32 years. When he was 14, he became the youngest medicine man in the tribe’s history when he saved the then chief from dyeing of Filth Fever. Urse hoped his son would follow in his footsteps and trained Gren in the ancient ways of the tribe’s medicines. When Gren had been sent away it sent Urse into a depression that he has never fully been able to escape from. But not nearly as bad as Gren’s mother. He still carries out his duties, but Chief Khan is considering retiring him soon.

Urse Ule

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