Lord Bastel

Cruel Monarch, Insane World-Meddeler, Unlikely Father


Lord Bastel’s full name is Orion Bastel. One of his titles is the Immortal Tyrant, due to the fact that many years have passed since the rise of Arcadia and he hasn’t aged a day. Now he rules over The center of Arcadia with an iron fist and his battle worn rapier, The Blade of Oblivion.
p. Lord Bastel Stands at 6’0", has short black hair, tan skin, and dead, blue eyes. He is mostly garbed in black and gold colored clothes, and mostly seems emotionless. He has only left Arcadia’s capital, Tollum, under certain circumstances.
p. He has also re-married three times. Out of these three wifes only two of them had children. At the age of 10, his first son mysteriously vanished, but his second son, Corvus, grew to be 21 years old and happily serves Lord Bastel as one of his generals.


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Lord Bastel

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