One way trip to Oblivion

Undead, among other things... By Ombre

Another mission completed, another reason to kill that dratted dragonborn.

Found myself out of the tower and in the inn after a good knock on the head by one of those zombies… Gods I hope I never have to fight them like that again. I hate the damned things. It just pisses me off even more that not only did the dragonborn mess up all my tactics, but the Cleric decided it would be a good idea to run out before the rest of us were ready. So I ended up stuck in an IRON MAIDEN being stabbed by spikes while everyone else pryed the lid open. Then it ended up that we fought off several waves of undead, leaving me knocked out and half dead. Wish I knew who it was who brought me here, I’de like to thank them.


Ooc: Unfortunetly, Mark isn’t going say anything due to what he saw her do to the Doc.


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