One way trip to Oblivion

The End of an Era

Are we done here?

So, with the various members dropping out and the new and exciting Dark Sun campaign as much as we would like to deny it we need to realize that we are just about done with this campaign. Level 30 was never realistic. And with various people leaving on vacations and the time we are devoting to our Dark Sun adventures level 20 is beginning to seem unlikely too. I propose we have a grand finale sooner rather than later.

I know its sad. I know many of us had great plans for the future. Unanswered questions about our various character’s story lines outnumber the answered ones. But, it must be done. And if it must be done, let’s make it epic.

The first question is, of course, who gets/has to DM it. The DM gets to completely plan out the story’s resolution but also, therefore, has to sit out on the “Final Boss” fight. It’s a big decision. I, zbru92, volunteer. Note I said volunteer. I am not making the decision for the rest of the group. If someone else feels they deserve to DM the end more than I do feel free to step up and we can decide as a group who will do it. (Let’s try to keep it civil, of course.) If we do decide that I will do it, I want to do it big. This will not be just one night of adventuring. And I plan to conclude everything.

So, if I end up doing this I want everyone to send me the things they planned on revealing about their characters and how they hoped their stories would end. Obviously I can’t get every secret revealed but I will do my best to form it into a full story. Sacrifices will have to be made, unfortunately. But I will do my best to give everyone a satisfying ending. In all honesty, if we did play to 30th level we would’ve faced this problem with the ending regardless. Tis the problem with shared DMing. But perhaps it is more fun to leave some mysteries unanswered, so if the story continues sometime in the future we have more to see and discover.

I promise you big. I promise you epic. I promise you satisfying. but, most importantly, I promise you fun. Let’s go out with a bang!


I forgot to mention that I will run by you all the changes I will have to make so as not to disappoint.

The End of an Era

… If we are going to do this, then I see no reason not to.

Maybe it would be good to kind of ‘skip’ to epic teir, going with all of the magic items we would get along the way. That way we get to try out epic teir if only for a level, and still get to have fun.

If I were to have my whole way, I would say go directly to 30th level, or have some story reason why we would be there. (EX, The gods/primodeals/primal spirits come down and either hold back bastel and his minions, or grant us more power.)

The End of an Era

I think that much of a jump would be a bit too extreame, because between 14th and 30th you’ve replaced pretty much all your powers and you have a lot more class traits to deal with. I think we should do 21st or 24th, so you have a taste of your epic destiny but we don’t need to take time to re-learn our characters.

The End of an Era

Idk, jumping to 30 would be somewhat fun, and it is possible to Retrain the powers you drop for new ones, at the cost of the new ones. If you’d like to make retraining mandatory if we do 30, I’d be willing, though if we’re at least in the Epic Tier, I’d be certainly satisfied.

The End of an Era

No, what I’m saying is that there will be too much retraining in a 16 level jump.

The End of an Era

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