One way trip to Oblivion

RP 'area' the town of Golden Moon

Golden Moon has under gone some changes since Mark has gotten his hands on it. Now serving as the main base for the One Way Mercenaries and the Caravan, they come here and rest between Adventures. Currently a group of Dragonborn who are allied with Mark look after the town while the group is away, and on Mark’s request have built onto the town adding 20 new buildings to the original 20 and construction on a wall has started. Along with the Dragonborn, members of the Mercenary group Mark was originally from(Atlas, Volia, etc..) also occupy Golden Moon, helping where they can. It is now between the adventures of level 14 and 15. Mark is starting to put more thought into managing the town and rather than having members of the group and caravan randomly use houses while they stop and rest, he wants members to set up shop while they relax, having members who want to stay somewhere rather than travel, stay in Golden Moon. In this RP, you can roleplay with the NPCs and other players, in whats basically a vacation, while also setting up your own houses and buildings. This is just for fun, don’t RP if you don’t want to, and take anything in here too seriously.

((also see the Golden Moon Layout))


Zaharl sits waiting alone for Mark to return. His appearance consists of his pale and seemingly dead skin, a black robe covering most of his body, a long chain wrapping around his chest several times, and a large, blood stained scythe on his back, held in place by the chain. As Mark walks in, Zaharl stands up, and extends his boney, pale hand out to greet Mark Good afternoon. You must be the one they call Mark? It’s a pleasure to meet you.

RP 'area' the town of Golden Moon

Ombre: frowns at Zaharl, an untrusting look on her face, waiting for mark to talk before she does though

RP 'area' the town of Golden Moon

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