One way trip to Oblivion

Mission Log # 1534 (Ombre)

Final Report: Jeras Faulk

Target: Jeras Faulk

Occupation: Leader of the Yellow Skull bandits of the Storm Tower expedition

Status: Terminated

Mission notes: Target commanded undead soldiers, along with some that held the ability to see the invisible. Conditions around storm tower were unpleasant, if not impossible. Was uninformed of any such impedements, along with the prescence of Undead. Unsure of reasons behind lack of information. Received help once again from the adventurers… Planning to requst missions that co-inside with theirs. Returning members: Doctor Atlanta (a Deva who commands bolts of holy light), Mark Lox (A sly theif who has a strangely… Regal bearing), Gren Ule (A… Eclectic Shaman), Zeus (A Goliath who works as the group’s healer), and Rags (Real name Unknown, but is a diminuative, and annoying Dragonborn. More useful dead, or asleep then otherwise)


Sorry Chris, had to change that small tid-bit about him being a leader of the Yellow Skulls, as the true leader shall come to reveal himself in time…

Mission Log # 1534 (Ombre)

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