One way trip to Oblivion

In need of sleep. (By Mark Lox)

Mark's Journal

Finaly got out of that damn Stormtower. When I got back to my room at the tavern I passed out, I’m suprised I even made it to the bed. Those of us that were still awake had to carry Ombre and Rags back to town. Didn’t get any help from the dwarves. when we got back to the camp they had all left, damn them… It was kinda wierd trying to get everyone into the tavern. The sword mage walked off and left us to deal with getting the other two to their rooms ourselves. Amphibious is kinda week so he wasn’t able to help and we didn’t trust the Doc around Ombre so he helped Zues with Rags instead, and I wouldn’t have been able to help with him, that’s for certain, Rags is small, but he weighs a ton. Much to my suprise, I had to carry Ombre back to her room. I don’t plan to mention this anytime soon, because I’m pretty sure she’ll kick my ass, that’s another reason why I didn’t try anything. I just set her on the bed, shut the door and left… Anyway it’s been a hell of a day… I think I’ll sleep again.



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