One way trip to Oblivion

Journal of the Night Theif

20 Tevris, 51st year of the Dark General

Tomorrow we run for Gren. Where he is, I can not know, but I hope he is well, if not safe.

Though I know it isn’t fitting, considering my reputation, as well as status… as well as his… prior engagements… I find that… I miss him.
Gren is the closest thing I’ve had to family since my mentor… passed away. At first I thought it would be a short wait till when we would see him again, but as the months dragged on…

I suppose I know how a mother feels, when a child is ripped away from her.

For now, we race. For the good of Gren, for the good of his tribe, and if it can be helped, for the good of the world. It won’t be easy, that much is certain. The competition will be fierce.

There are the braves of Gren’s tribe, able bodied men all.
Then there are the creatures from the swamp. The Kou-toa. Dangerous swimmers, and fighters.

Neither seem to match up to the… Emmissary from our good friend Bastel.
A Necromancer, A drider, A man from the north who looks to be a man of great strength, a quickling, and a (to be entered later).

They are our enemies. Our true enemies.

If they win… I fear for gren’s sake… and the sake of the world…



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