One way trip to Oblivion

Freelancer's Journal (Ombre)

Ravenus 28th, near the end of the 50th year of Bastel's reign ... Final Entry?

… what… what is this…

I… I don’t understand why these things are happening… I…

I wouldn’t beleive it if I hadn’t seen it, and then further heard the reports from the eyes and ears of my dear comrades.

My Guild… the institution that has supported and trained me, that had been my family since my first days… is untrue… Though they appear to be autonomous, they are working with the very force we’ve been trying to stop. The Lord Bastel. Or… at least I can assume that. But… either way, the first seal, as the Doc called it, is broken. What that means is nothing good as far as I can tell.

Either way… I… I need time alone, and blood on my sword… there’s a lot I need to think about…

Ombre Zamir




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