Last Stop: Oblivion

Campaign Breakdown

The idea of One way trip to Oblivion is everybody will play as both DM and player. Once it is your turn to DM, you get to highlight your character’s story. The over-arcing story will be as follows:

Heroic Tier
The group will get to know each other and back-stories will be introduced and explored.

Paragon Tier
The main villain, Lord Bastel, will appear and start causing trouble. His main objective will be destroying the 7 Cerulean Seals mentioned in The Player’s Handbook 3 and Psionic Power. Because the story demands that they are all broken, any stories involving them will unfortunately be clean-up of whatever mess occurred when the seal was broken. At 20th level the final seal is broken, and the Far Realm has no barriers to the world anymore.
Epic Tier
7 seals, 10 levels of epic tier. Every level will involve the fixing of a seal, most likely guarded by one of our empowered personal enemies. Meanwhile, two of our party members must fulfil their destinies of becoming the 8th and 9th seals, so they would go about discovering how to do this. The final level will be taking down Lord Bastel.

Edit: We have decided to finish the campaign ahead of schedule. We’ll be skipping from level 15 to level 24 and finishing off. If this really was a one way trip to oblivion, that’s our next stop.